2018 Grants

2/27/2018  Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery   $            500.00 Hurricane Harvey victim support donation. The Coastal Bend Disaster Recovery Group (CBDRG) is a volunteer-based coalition created to address the unmet needs of the Coastal Bend area residents affected by disaster.
4/13/2018  Refuge of Hope   $         2,500.00 The funding would allow Refuge of Hope to expand the "Earn While You Learn" Program. Currently our curriculum is geared for women who are pregnant or parenting and allowing clients to earn practical items needed for their baby. Our center has seen an increase in fathers coming with the mother of the baby. Funding would allow ROH to purchase a life skills and fatherhood curriculum. This program gives an opportunity to foster relationships between the client and facilitator, serving as a mentor to them. Supports Nueces, Jim Wells and San Patricio counties.
5/4/2018  Citizens for Educational Excellence   $         3,000.00 Funds are requested ·for an outreach specialist to work with l 0 high-need area schools. These schools will be identified through data showing postsecondary-going attendance and F AFSA completion rates. The specialist will provide presentations and direct assistance to students and counselors. The specialist will educate area students since nearly two-thirds of jobs reguire some type of education beyond high school: however, not enough Coastal Bend students are enroJling in the education programs necessary for the iobs available in the region - either because they are unaware of the careers and educational requirements or because they do not have the funds to pursue postsecondary programs. Supports Nueces, San Patricio, and Aransas counties
5/4/2018  Corpus Christi Metro Ministries   $         7,500.00 Corpus Christi Metro Ministries is pursuing funds to support the Rainbow House/Foster Sanctuary and Loaves & Fishes Cafeteria. Rainbow House/Foster Sanctuary program and Loaves & Fishes Cafeteria serve different, yet overlapping, populations. Children, women, men, the hungry, homeless, poor and working poor, families at risk for homelessness, young aged-out foster-care women, the disabled, and the elderly benefit from our services. Programs feed the mind, body, and spirit: house the homeless; and transform lives.  Foster Sanctuary for young women who have aged out of foster care is the only such program in Nueces County. 
5/4/2018  Corpus Christi Education Foundation   $         2,500.00 The CCEF is seeking $10,000 to help pay for educational materials needed to supply Phase III of STEM Enhancement for At-Risk Students, a program designed to help CCISD elementary students from underserved neighborhoods. This will be accomplished by supplying students ages 8 to 11 with materials needed to create and manipulate their own projects using robotic elements. Once the project is fully funded, each school will have received a Lego Education "WeDO" Education-Getting Started Construction Kit, a Lego Elementary Construction Kit, a Lego Elementary Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Kit, and supporting software, worksheets, activity packs and lesson plans for hands-on application in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This phase will supply three new Title I schools. 
5/4/2018  S. Texas Lighthouse for the Blind   $         7,500.00 As a result of Hurricane Harvey, STLB suffered structural damage to warehouses in Corpus Christi and Victoria. These structures house raw materials and finished goods produced by blind or visually impaired employees. It is imperative we repair the structures ASAP to protect employees, investments, and the products. These repairs will be costly and were unexpected. The total cost to repair the damage will be $124,000 ($109,000 for Corpus Christi and $15,000 for Victoria). We also lost inventory valued at $20,000. Our insurance will pay only $29,000, leaving us with a balance of $115,000.
5/4/2018  Mission of Mercy   $         7,500.00 A free-standing medical center has been donated and is being built for MOM. The 14,000-square-foot Mission of Mercy Medical Center will enhance our ability to serve existing patients (the area working poor) and provide room to serve new patients while remaining mobile. Funds are requested to help equip seven triage rooms and eight examination rooms. Triage rooms will include: wall-mounted blood pressure cuffs, a box of gloves, a desktop paper holder, and two chairs. Examination rooms will include: an exam table, waste cans, digital weight scale, stool, ophthalmoscope, towel dispenser, wall aneroid sphyg, otoscope head, sharps dispenser, Purell dispenser, and other items. Supports Jim Wells, Nueces, Kleberg, San Patricio, and Aransas counties.
5/4/2018  United Way of the Coastal Bend   $         4,000.00 Thousands of local elementary students start each school year embarrassed and unprepared, because they don't have adequate supplies. United Way of tbe Coastal Bend is partnering with H-E-B, KRIS and numerous donors for the 28th Annual Operation Supply Our Students. In the past decade, this initiative raised almost $400,000. Last year, more than 10,000 students from 36 school districts received basic school supplies. While that sounds like a lot, the need is greater, especially after Hurricane Harvey. More than 50,000 children in our area qualify for reduced/free lunch. As always, 100% of donations go toward wholesale purchases of supplies. Supports all ISDs in 9 Coastal Bend Counties.
5/4/2018  Focus Foundation   $         2,500.00 Funds are requested support teachers who spend money out of pocket to enhance the educational experience of students. We are requesting funds for transportation expenses only. From 2002 -2014, CCISD was providing transportation at no cost to the program due to budget cuts, CCISD can no longer provide this service. Supports Nueces county/ CCISD.
5/4/2018  Harbor Playhouse   $         2,500.00 Young People's Theater Camp Scholarships. These are awarded each year to qualifying camp participants based on family financial need. Approximately 160 weeks of camp sessions per summer are awarded to scholarship recipients. Through the fundamentals of Musical Theater and the Performing Arts, Harbor Playhouse teaches the importance of teamwork, responsibility, problem solving, leadership skills, and an appreciation and passion for supporting and giving back to the arts. Campers explore the performing arts through voice lessons, dance, acting, stagecraft, writing for the stage and more. At Harbor Playhouse, we nurture and encourage the creativity and imagination of our youth to create a learning environment that engages all the senses. Participants come from Nueces and San Patricio counties.
10/2/2018  Coastal Bend Community Foundation   $       10,000.00 Coastal Bend Day of Giving, matching fund. CBCF has provided a vehicle for long-term philanthropy for those who wish to broadly support our communities. CBCF serves as our communities’ charitable endowment; we are fortunate to be able to use our assets to “improve the quality of life in the Coastal Bend.”
11/2/2018  TAMUCC Young Authors Camp   $         2,500.00 Funds are requested to support Young Authors Camps which provides students with opportunities to experience writing as a fun and creative activity for self-expression and communication. Camp staff, made up of experienced K- 1 2 schoolteachers, university professors and students, provide campers with activities designed to inspire writing and instill confidence, such as art, music, nature walks, theater and many more. Campers write, inspired by these experiences. They revise, edit and publish their work in a Camp Anthology. The camp culminates in a final celebratory experience, an "Open Mic" at Barnes & Noble, where campers read their work for family and friends.Most campers are from Nueces, but some attend from Kleberg, San Patricio and Aransas
11/2/2018  West Side Helping Hand   $         2,500.00 The funding is required for the Afterschool Program, which began operation at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year with 65 students enrolled. The second year of the Program began on September 12, 2017 with 100 students enrolled, recreational sports, nutrition education, character formation/mentorship, and field trips. The After-School Program operates from 3:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday during the school year. Every student has improved academically with higher grades on their report cards. West Side Helping Hand has implemented clubs for Music. Reading. Sewing. Kids Culinary, and Running. 
11/2/2018  St John Lutheran Church   $         1,500.00 We would like to increase our Backpack recipients to 50 in the coming school year. This will allow us to serve 15 more children that will not go hungry over the weekend. We are currently spending approximately $2200 per school year, increasing to 50 recipients will increase the cost approximately $1500. 
11/2/2018  Education Is Our Freedom    $         2,500.00 Funds are requested to support TWO Major Projects for 130 students in the Coastal Bend Area. Major projects that provide 130 students the opportunity to earn a Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency and receive a $1000 scholarship to continue their post-secondary education. These scholarships assist students in pursuing their dreams of attending vocational/college/university institutions and receive a degree/certification in their field of choice. Project #1-- funding for Enrichment Camp Tutorials in the areas of math, language arts, science, and social studies. Project #2 - Support GED Testing Vouchers to successfully pass on of three test that will enable students to earn the Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency(TxCHSE).
11/2/2018  Brownsville Society for Crippled Children Inc,dba, Moody Clinic   $         2,500.00 The purpose is to provide funding for speech/language, physical and occupational rehabilitative treatment to children ages birth to twenty-one years old with diagnosed developmental delays, disabilities and acquired injuries. Licensed therapists provide 2-6, 30 minute individualized sessions a week to patients in order to reach developmental milestones. Those in need of help are patients with no health insurance or third-party reimbursement who cannot afford the full or partial cost of treatment. About 34% of Moody Clinic patients live below poverty guidelines. By receiving the necessary therapy, children gain skills that help become as independent as possible, 
11/2/2018  The Rise School of Corpus Christi    $         5,000.00 The Rise School of Corpus Christi is specifically requesting assistance for our Tuition Assistance Program. Our program is unique because our students receive physical, occupational, speech, and music therapy each day as part of the regular curriculum. This allows our students to progress to developmental milestones at a greatly accelerated pace, and ensure that when they leave our school they are ready for their next learning environment. 
11/2/2018  South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center   $         5,000.00 STBGNC proposes to enhance development and support sustainability of its youth education and environmental programming by providing and allocating necessary resources to be utilized for program sustainability and to continue services for low income children, attending partnering public school districts. School districts must have budget assistance associated with trips to quantify scheduling a tour at STBGNC. It is the goal of STBGNC to aid partnering school districts, so these districts can provide necessary means for students and teachers to benefit from programming and utilize criteria to reinforce their natural science curricula with participation in our multi-faceted program. 
11/2/2018  Corpus Christi Hope House, Inc    $         5,000.00 Hope House requests funding to assist with the direct cost of our Emergency Shelter Program and Supportive Services for homeless pregnant women, single mothers/fathers, and families with dependent children. 
11/2/2018  Dress for Success Corpus Christi    $         2,500.00 DFSCC requires funding for our Job Ready Network (JRN) program, assisting unemployed or underemployed clients. The JRN consists of weekly classes over 4-6 weeks, featuring guest speakers and curriculum covering resume building, public speaking, and interviewing. Mentors are paired with clients to provide job search guidance and support. Additionally, the JRN hosts the Breakfast Club, a weekly roundtable allowing clients to ask questions, seek advice, and share successes and failures in their job search. Upon successful completion of the JRN, participants are invited to become members of our sustainability and job retention program: the Professional Women's Group.
11/2/2018  Presbyterian Pan American School   $         3,500.00 The funding would replace 5 computers for the upcoming school year. As an international boarding school, the majority of students arrive knowing very little English. Consequently, these students are enrolled in "Language Lab" classes aimed at improving their command of the English Language. These classes take place in the computer lab, utilizing various software programs. Some of our old computers need to be replaced to support current software developments. Additionally, the lab computers are used for journalism and Career Connection classes during the day, as well as for homework assignments and tutoring after school hours. 
11/2/2018  Palmer Drug Abuse Program of Corpus Christi, Inc   $         5,000.00 Funds are requested for Younger Group and Pee Wee's Programs. PDAP offers free support groups for whole families. Services offered are counseling services, a safe day center, evening and weekend activities, retreats and 12 Step support group meetings for teens who are at risk or have experienced substance abuse.
12/28/2018  Corpus Christi Pregnancy Center, Inc, dba Pregnancy Center of the Coastal Bend   $         5,000.00 Corpus Christ Pregnancy Resource Center, Inc. is requesting funding for Program Center Support to assist with the costs of services, support, and material assistance directly related to our services to clients. The program provides pregnancy tests; ultrasounds performed by a professional Medical Ultrasound Team for confirming pregnancies and gestational age for teens and women of the Coastal Bend and surrounding counties with support services for the physical, emotional, and mental health of teens and women in a crisis pregnancy; a mobile medical unit; abortion recovery classes; as well as providing education materials on STDs/STIs and their health risks; New Born Care and Parenting Classes; Baby Benevolence Items; and Mentoring and Peer Counseling. 
12/28/2018  Education Service Center, Region 2   $         4,000.00 Goals of this project are: (1) cultivate a love of learning and science, technology, engineering art, and mathematics (STEAM) career interest to support growth in student achievement, and (2) foster greater teacher understanding and use of experimental learning to broaden student knowledge of STEAM and STEAM careers. Expected outcomes include: (1) more high-poverty students exposed to experiential learning to stimulate an interest in STEAM and develop cognitive and science skills. (2) increased student knowledge and enthusiasm in STEAM, STEAM careers, and (3) improved teacher understanding of inquiry-based, experiential learning to engage students in STEAM learning and STEAM careers. 
12/28/2018  CASA of Kleberg County d/b/a Brush County CASA   $         7,500.00 Brush Country CASA seeks funding to recruit, train, and support Volunteers who will, in turn, advocate for Children in the Juvenile Court System to find a safe, permanent and love home as quickly as possible. Brush Country CASA also provides continuing education opportunities for staff, board and volunteers and develops awareness efforts to educate the community on the signs and effects of Child Abuse on children, families and the cost on society. 
12/28/2018  Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County   $         2,500.00 The funds requested are specific for leasing three generators that will sustain critical operations in the event of a power outage as was recently experienced during Hurricane Harvey. Each generator will support three mission critical facilities:1.) Pathways provides 24-hour respite and crisis care with 16 beds; 2.) Central Administration oversees vital accounting functions; and 3.) Brownlee Square Medical Clinic stores essential and costly mediations that require refrigeration and/or storage at room temperature exceeding 75 degrees. Ensuring that these three critical services continue uninterrupted during a power outage and disaster recovery is vital to the well-being of our clients. 
Annual Donation  Halo-Flight   $       24,000.00 We give the critically ill or injured the access they need to medical or trauma facilities within our service area, and provide physician ordered patient transfers outside of South Texas when needed. Emergency assistance is provided to all persons regardless of their ability to pay, so your support really matters and your generosity goes a long way. Get your family enrolled in the Guardian Subscription Plan today!
   Total:   $     130,500.00