2019 Grants

Driscoll Children's Hospital  10/15/2018 $3,750 The funds will be used for support of our camping program for children with cancer. Children with cancer receive these benefits at our camp: hope through seeing other children enjoying life and facing challenges with new confidence and esteem gained through our special camp. 
Youth Odyssey, Inc.  11/2/2018 $2,000 The Adventure Challenge Program combines basic life skills with fun adventure activities like teambuilding, games, ropes, courses, rock climbing, kayaking, and camping. These activities that our teens have never been exposed to before and by joining, become equipped to overcome adverse situtations that they find themselves in. Our reports alongside CCISD's reports show that an  80 -95% improvement in the life skills that we teach, decreased disciplinary action; and increases attendance, grades, and desire to continue to recreate outdoors. 
United Way of the Coastal Bend  11/8/2018 $2,000 Thousands of local elementary students start each school year embarrassed and unprepared, because they don't have adequate supplies. United Way of the Coastal Bend is partnering with H-E-B, KRIS and numerous donors for the 29th Annual Operation Supply Our Students. In the past decade, this initiative has raised more than $400,000. Last year, more than 11,000 students from 36 school disctricts across 10 Coastal Bend counties recieved basic school supplies. While that sounds like a lot, the need is greater. More than 50,000 children in our area qualify for reduced/free lunch. As always, 100% of donations go toward wholesale purchase of supplies. 
Corpus Christi Education Foundation 12/4/2018 $2,000 The funds will help pay for materials needed to expand our highly popular and successful STEM Enhancement for At-Risk Students designed to help CCISD elementary students from underserved neighborhoods. The pogram will be expanded by supplying students 8 to 11 at Title I schools not yet involved in the program with materials needed to create and manipulate projects using robotic elements. Each school will receive a Lego Education "WeDO" Education-Getting Started Construction Kit, Lego Elementary Construction  Kit, Lego Elementary Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Kit, and software, worksheets, activity packs and lesson plans for hands-on STEM application.  
Corpus Christi Metro Ministries 12/10/2018 $4,500 Corpus Christi Metro Ministries is pursuing funds to support Rainbow House/Foster Sanctuary and Gabbard Health Clinic - two of five free programs transforming lives in our community. Rainbow House/Foster Sanctuary program and Gabbard Health Clinic serve different, yet overlapping populations. Children, women, men, the homeless, poor and working poor, families at risk for homelessness, young aged-out-foster-care women, the disabled, and the elderly benefit from our services. We feed the mind, body and spirit; house the homless; and transform lives. Our Foster Santuary for young women who have aged out of foster care is the only such program in Nueces County. 
A Source of Hope, Kleberg County Pregnancy Rescource Center 12/11/2018 $3,000 The funds will be used to expand the Earn While You Learn parenting program to be accessible to clients in the Alice area. A large percentage of the clients we see each month on our Mobile are from the Alice area but our EWYL classes are held in Kingsville. While a few clients have made the trip to Kingsville weekly to earn points for needed supplies we could reach and help more if we had materials to serve within the Alice area. 
Mission of Mercy, Inc.  12/12/2018 $3,750 The funds will allow nurses to triage patients faster and more efficiently. To do this, we need to purchase three mobile sphygmomanometers. These devices, affectionately known as "RoboNurses," can be moved throughout the clinic easily and quickly. RoboNurses reduce the walking nurses do during a long day and allow elderly and mobility-challenged patients to reduce the steps they must take when visiting out clinic.
Children's Advocacy Center of the Coastal Bend  12/12/2018 $15,000 Funds are requested to educate the community on ways to prevent child abuse, sex trafficking, drug endagerment, and neglect of Coastal Bend children. Each year, we provide more than 1,000 forensic interviews of children who have been physically and/or sexually abused. Our goal is to prevent future incidents by reaching out to the public and educating them regarding our services and ways to prevent, identify, and deal with child abuse. Funds are needed to better serve the CACCB's 12-county serice area, allowing our outreach coordinator to make more in-person visits to schools and community organizations in rural areas. 
Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi Foundation Inc  12/19/2018 $1,500 Young Authors camp provides activities and experiences for elementary and middle school students to practice writing as both a fun and creative method of self-expression as well as an effective means of communication. The Writer's Island workshop for high school students offers a professional-style writer's workshop experience for participants. 
South Texas Lighthouse for the Blind  12/19/2018 $4,500 SLTB is seeking general operating funds to help fufill its mission. This includes making repairs to facilities due to natural wear-and-tear. We need to repair the roof to our Corpus Christi facility and to purchase new AC units. The roof leaks and leads to flooding of our administration building. Wet carpeting has the potential for growing mold that is unhealthy for our employees. Other needs include a security fence, underwritting for fund-raisers, and issues related to assisting blind and visually handicapped employees. General operating funds will allow us to spend money where needed. 
Communities In Schools of the Coastal Bend  12/21/2018 $1,500 The funds will be used to purchase hygiene products to be disseminated to 30 schools within 5 school districts in Nueces County. CIS site coordinators asses the needs of the students and assist them and their families with everything from hygiene products, emergency food boxes, bus passes, eye glasses, school supplies, to a new pair of shoes. 
New Life Refuge Ministries  12/22/2018 $3,750 The funds requested will be used to remodel an existing building that is on the Home of Hope campus to be used as the onsite school. Because of the trauma survivors of child sex trafficking have endured, traditional school is not the best option for them, therefore schooling is done on site. Our on site school will provide space for a computer lab, art room, music room, and counseling room. 
Agape Ranch 12/27/2018 $1,500 The amount requested will fund Agape Connection: A match event for Texas Foster Children, who are eligible for adoption, and adoptive parent prospects. The festive gathering allows children and families opportunities to play, connect, and interact in a stress-free environment. Participants engage in a variety of activities including: crafts, sports, bounce houses, photo booth, bookstore, lunch and take home gift bag. 
Corpus Christi Pregnancy Center, Inc. dba Pregnancy Center of the Coastal Bend 5/17/2019 $5,875 Corpus Christ Pregnancy Resource Center, Inc. is requesting funding for Program Center Support to assist with the costs of services, support, and material assistance directly related to our services to clients, including the cost of providing pregnancy tests; ultrasounds, support services for the physical, emotional, and mental health of teens and women.
Corpus Christi Hope House Inc. 5/18/2019 $5,875 Hope House requests funds to assist with the direct cost of our Emergency Shelter Program and Supportive Services for homeless pregnant women, single mothers/fathers, and families with dependent children.
YMCA of the Coastal Bend 6/5/2019 $5,875 Funds are requested to fund 2 certified tutors to teach reading, writing and vocabulary skills for 50 students, twice a week for 25 weeks and to cover the costs of some related supplies for the YMCA Literacy Program. 
Texas A&M University-Kingsville Foundation 6/14/2019 $15,000 The funds requested will be used for the supplies, materials, instruments, and compensations for TAMUK student workers for an electric power themed educational project (Sep. 2019 – Aug. 2020) which is proposed to increase the awareness and interests of South Texas youth in the industry and the related technologies. Xuewei Zhang’s team will develop tabletop models and simulation platforms for high school students to learn more about modern electric power apparatus, system, and market.
Presbyterian Pan American School 6/25/2019 $5,875 Funds are requested to purchase three new computers and update operating software (75 licenses)  for our 21st century learning program. These computers will be utilized in common areas and library by our students for collaborative group projects and other academic assignments.   
Educational Service Center Region 2 6/26/2019 $5,875 Funds are requested to help give schools serving low-income students the opportunity to experience inquiry-based science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) experiential learning activities, along with career exploration, emergent literacy, and writing curricula offered at ESA.  Overall goals are to increase Early Scholars Academy participation of high-poverty and underserved schools located in the Coastal Bend, cultivate a love of learning and STEAM and foster greater teacher understanding and use of inquiry-based, experiential learning to broaden student knowledge of STEAM. 
Calallen Education Foundation 6/27/2019 $5,875 Funding is requested to support the CEF Mini-Grant Program for up to five educators and their students. The Mini-Grant Program is designed to encourage and facilitate innovative and creative educational approaches to student learning throughout the school year with quick access to funding. Mini-grants must enhance student academic performance and support the objectives, basic beliefs and initiatives of both the campus and the district. Educators can apply monthly from Septemeber through May. This grant requires a request form from the educator and a 5-7 minute presentation in front of a panel of judges. Mini-grant requests have a $5000 limit.  
South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center 7/1/2019 $5,875 STBGNC proposes to enhance development and support sustainability of "Connecting Children With Nature" environmental education programming by providing resources to expand services for low-income school children attending partnering public school districts. Our goal is to provide necessary means for students and teachers to benefit from our hands-on environmental programming correlated with TEKS criteria to reinforce their natural science curricula with participation in our multi-faceted program. 
The Mosaic Project of South Texas 7/2/2019 $5,875 The Mosaic Project seeks funding to bring a large display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt
(open and free to the general public) back to the Coastal Bend after a near two-decade
absence. Through the AIDS Memorial Quilt, the Mosaic Project will commemorate the
local lives lost through public speakers, symposia, exhibits, film, and internet and social
media outreach as well as expand AIDS awareness and HIV prevention efforts—
including anti-drug messaging since the current opioid epidemic has caused a resurgence
in HIV cases. This historic occasion will save lives by teaching new generations about
this deadly condition. 
Total Awards Funded: $110,750