Grant Application

Please go to our new website at to apply for grants!

Directions for applying for a grant application:

1. Download Grant Application packet (below) or click here                                                           

2. Complete application via Microsoft Word or handwritten

3. If handwritten, scan your application onto your computer to be submitted online

4. If completed in Microsoft Word, save the completed application and merge with all other legal documents

5. You must have all documents merged in Adobe Acrobat to become one document to be submitted

6. When you are ready to submit, visit our Grant Application Online Submission page

*See Grant Application Procedures for more information




Nueces Electric Charities, Inc.

Deadline for Application to Be Received

January 15

July 15

Board Action*

4th Tuesday of February

4thTuesday of August


* Date may be subject to change; generally coincides with regular meeting of Nueces Electric Cooperative Board of Directors

If an emergency need exists that is considered critical to health, safety or human welfare. Nueces Electric Charities may consider an application request outside of this schedule.


Grant projects/programs that address these areas of need will receive priority consideration:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Welfare
  • Human Services