Grant Application Procedures

Nueces Electric Charities, Inc.

NECh Operation Round Up Fund



1. The following documentation MUST be file merged with the Grant Application document:

  • A one-page budget for the amount requested, with justifications 
  • Proof confirming 501(c)(3) status with the IRS                
  • A copy of the most recent balance sheet and income statement 
  • Current organizational budget (if not available please explain) 

2. Go to the Grant Application page.

3. Download the Grant Application                                                                

4. Complete application via Microsoft Word or handwritten

5. If handwritten, scan your application onto your computer to be submitted online

6. If completed in Microsoft Word, save the completed application and merge with all other legal documents (listed above)

7. You must have all documents merged in Adobe Acrobat to become one document to be submitted

8. Go to the Grant Application Online Submission page.

9. Upload the completed grant application to the file upload button.

  • No paper application will be accepted by mail 
  • All applicants must apply via the online application in order to be considered for grant approval

10. All important legal documents MUST be included in the application. 

11. Applications received after a deadline will automatically be considered the following quarter unless revoked by applicant.

Questions regarding the application or process can be directed to:

Sarah Fisher, Chief Compliance Officer

Nueces Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Local: 361-767-7305

Toll-free: 800-632-9288 (x224)