It's All In The Name

March 16, 2015

You may have noticed Nueces Charities is now Nueces Electric Charities (NECh). Giving back to the community since 1997, NECh will continue to provide vital funds to 501(c)3 organizations who serve NEC and NEC Retail members. 

The Co-op is often referred to as "Nueces County Co-op" so it was only understandable that with a name like "Nueces Charities, the Co-op's giving was often being confused with grants coming from the governement entity of Nueces County. 

The name might imply we only serve Nueces County, which  houses Corpus Christi and borders the Gulf of Mexico, but in reality Nueces Electric Coopertaive serves eight counties in south Texas. Their subsidiary, NEC Retail, serves all Texas IOU residents who reside on AEP, Oncore, Nueces Electic, Centerpoint and Texas New Mexico Power lines. The Co-op has a far reach. 

Through Nueces Charities, we strive to donate fund which can help a majority of NEC and NEC Retail members. Since 1997, Operation Round-up raised over $1,000,000.  One-hundred percent (100%) of the funds donated are returned to the community to target improvements in education, health, hunger, abuse and homelessness.

Nueces Electric Charities is funded by the generous members who round-up their electric bill to the nearest dollar. The funds are then donated to NECh on behalf of the members. Bi-annually, February and August, the applications are reviewed by a three-member committee which is comprised of Nueces Electric Cooperative Board members. The program will continue to be administered by Sarah Fisher. 

If you are a 501(c)3, or know of one who could use some much-needed funds, please see the "Grant Application" tab of this website to apply or for more information on the program, criteria, and selection process. 

For any additional questions, contact Sarah Fisher